Q: What are your hours and when can I expect to see someone from the Marina there?

A: It is always good to call first to verify that someone will be at the Marina. The Marina Hours are Daily, 10am to 6 pm but again it is always recommended to call by phone to verify those hours. Please call 518-963-7222.

Q: Do you do Pump-Outs?

A: No, unfortunately our pump-out is not operational at this time.

Q: Does the Essex Marina sell fuel?

A: Unfortunately the Essex Marina does not sell Fuel at this time due to maintenance issues.

Q: I would like to stop by and pick someone up at the Marina and they would like to leave a car somewhere. Is that Ok?

A: If you are going to be less than 10 minutes and your guest is waiting and ready to go, there is no charge. If it you have to wait for your guests arrival, you must pay the Transient charges for your vessel. Parking at the Marina is $5-$10 / day.

Q: Can we drop our Trash off?

A: Unless you are a member of the “Home Fleet” or have paid a Transient Charge then all Trash is subject to a charge of $5 / bag to be determined by the Dock Hand present.

Q: What are the names of the restaurants in Essex?

A: The restaurants in Essex are:

  • The Old Dock House Restaurant – 518-963-4232 – website
  • The Essex Inn – 518-963-4400 – website
  • Chez Lin & Rays (formerly Rudder Club at the Essex Shipyard) – 518-963-4024 – website
  • Essex Ice Cream Shop and Cafe – 518-963-7951 (no website)

Note: If you plan on leaving your boat at the Essex Marina to access any and all restaurants or services in Essex, you must pay a Transient Charge.

Q: What is the Ferry schedule?

A: The Lake Champlain Ferry (Lake Champlain Transportation Company/LCT) Schedule can be accessed by clicking here

Q: Do you rent Boats, Houseboats, Pontoon Boats, Sailboats, Jet Skis, Kayaks or Canoes?

A: No, call us for advice.